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ManyStation soundsets

In designing ManyStation the focus has been on creating detailed and highly playable sounds. Some of the real instrument soundsets include between 20 and 60 multi samples for stunning levels of detail, with special layers (such as slides, string noise and guitar palm mutes) in addition.

Manytone went to extremes in developing the ManyStation soundsets: every wave was edited by hand. If you open up any of the waves in a wave editor you will see that the start of the sample begins at zero and all samples fade to zero. This attention to detail ensures that you have the highest quality source material and will not hear any clicks or other unwanted audio artefacts.

All of the soundsets have been recorded in their natural state so it is up to you to add any processing. Manytone could have added some processing at the sampling stage but that would have restricted the flexibility of the soundsets. However, you will hear that many of the patches take advantage of ManyStation's onboard FX which you can, of course, edit.

For the soundsets, the naming convention that has been adopted is intended to indicate the type of sound you can expect from each soundset. The samples have been drawn from a range of sources and have been chosen to give a sound reminiscent of classic hardware synthesizers when played in ManyStation. The soundsets in MT vol1 HW classics have been sampled from classic hardware synthesizers.

The notes below tell you a bit about the soundsets and how the samples are intended to be used. The patches also give many examples of how you can use these soundsets. However, as always, don't let our suggestions stifle your creativity!

MT bass guitars - electric

BassElecFngLng 33 multi-samples This soundset was sampled from a beautiful 25 year old Vantage bass guitar that has a brass nut and bridge. This guitar really plays and feels great. The samples were recorded with the strings played with the finger. All major notes were sampled in 24 bit with string noise and slides mapped on the keyboard below the low E.
BassElecMute 32 multi-samples This soundset can be played on its own or layered with BassElecFngLng (above) for a velocity split bass. All major notes were sampled in 24 bit with string noise and slides mapped on the keyboard below the low E.
BassElecSlap 32 multi-samples This soundset is a punchy slap bass which can be played on its own or layered with the two sets above for a velocity split bass. All major notes were sampled in 24 bit with string noise and slides mapped on the keyboard below the low E.
FJazzBass Mute 29 multi-samples This palm muted bass guitar set can played on its own or velocity layered with the other FJazzBass sets. Sampled from a 2002 Fender Jazz Bass.
FJazzBass Set1 29 multi-samples A great bass sound with nice long samples. Sampled from a 2002 Fender Jazz Bass. These JazzBass sets will give your tracks that real punchy bass guitar sound.
FJazzBass Set2 29 multi-samples This is the same guitar as the above FJazzBass set, but this is a different set of samples made with a different pickup setting on the guitar. Also recorded in 24 bit with string noise and slides mapped in the soundset for added realism.
FJazzBass Set3 11 multi-samples The same Fender bass guitar with a slightly different sound. Also in 24 bit with string and slide noise mapped in.
StringNoiseEbass1 10 multi-samples This is a separate string noise set that you can use with other basses you may have which do not have string noise and slides. Again, 24 bit.
StringNoiseEBass2 7 multi-samples String noise and slides from the Fender Bass in 24 bit.

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MT bass guitars - synth

BassHeavyGtrSyn 20 multi-samples A nice heavy and hard style bass. Great if you want to layer some synth basses that have a real guitar feel to them. You can also layer with the bass string noise (above) and slides for added realism.
BassRockGtrSyn 8 multi-samples Same as the above set but different samples with a different sound.

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MT drums and percussion

AcousticKit1 18 multi-samples A 24 bit kit of acoustic drum samples. These are some single hits re-edited from a selection of the Manytone Multi-Sampled Acoustic drums.
AcousticKit2 18 multi-samples Same as above but some different hits.
BodyKit01 15 multi-samples A fun 24 bit kit made from body hits, slaps and noises. Even the hats were created with the human body.
BodyKit02 15 multi-samples Same as above but a with different bits of the body!!
FMKit 19 multi-samples A 24 bit electronic drum kit with a really nice electronic kick and snare.
MTElek2496Kit1 19 multi-samples A great new electronic drum kit specially made for the ManyStation. Sampled at 24 bit 96k.
MTElek2496Kit2 19 multi-samples Same as above but contains completely different samples.
MTelekSidkit 20 multi-samples A hard and nasty kit with sounds similar to a Sid chip, sampled at 24 bit.
Perc01 26 multi-samples This is an incredible selection of single hit percussion from our Manytone Multisampled Acoustic Drums. The samples are 24 bit and include congas, bongos, djembe, tocajons, timbale and more. This soundset is guaranteed to spice up your tracks.
RainMaker 1 Sample A 24 bit rainmaker. These are in single sample sets and are fantastic for layering with pads and other exotic sounds.
RainMakerLoop01 1 Sample Same as above but a different looped sample.
RainMakerLoop02 1 Sample A different looped rainmaker sample.
ShkrSnrHat 1 Sample This sample is good for layering with synth and FX type sounds. 24 bit.

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MT guitars - acoustic

GtrAcousticSuziMic 40 multi-samples A beautiful Acoustic Guitar. Sampled with a Rode microphone in 24 bit. You can also layer with some string noise (mapped on the keyboard below the low E) for added realism.
GtrAcousticSuziPiezo 38 multi-samples The same guitar as above, sampled in 24 bit, with a piezo pickup instead of a microphone.
GtrNylonFngLayer1 35 multi-samples This nylon guitar soundset can be played on its own or layered with the soundset below. This guitar is sampled in 24 bit with a Rode microphone.
GtrNylonFngLayer2 35 multi-samples This is a slide note soundset intended to be used in conjunction with the nylon guitar soundset (above). It can be layered on the top end of the velocity range of a guitar patch so that when you hit the keys harder you get a nice slide into the note. There are patches that show this in the ManyStation presets.
GtrSixString 22 multi-samples Another nice acoustic steel string guitar. This guitar was hand made in Canada and sampled in 24 bit.
GtrSixStringAmped 22 multi-samples Same guitar as above but with some amp simulation for that live "unplugged" type sound.
GtrStringNoiseAc 10 multi-samples Some acoustic noise and slides to add some realism to your guitar tracks. Sampled in 24 bit.

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MT guitars - electric

GtrFStratCleanNF 61 multi-samples This is a very nice clean sampled 1996 Fender USA Stratocaster. This is the neck pickup, finger picked. Every note on the guitar was sampled in 24 bit and meticulously edited to work in the ManyStation. It also has the string and slide noise from the same session mapped on the keyboard to the left of the low E. This set is sampled clean so that you can apply your own FX and amp simulations etc.
GtrFStratCleanNP 61 multi-samples A completely different set of samples from the same 1996 guitar. This time we recorded them using a pick. Every note on the guitar was sampled in 24 bit. A few patches in ManyStation blend or layer these sets to create one fantastic clean electric guitar sound. These sets are a highlight of the ManyStation soundsets. The sets can be heard in some of the demo tracks on the website.
GtrFStratCleanNPMute 38 multi-samples This soundset plays great on its own or it can be layered with the other clean Strat soundsets. This soundset comes from the same recording sessions as the other Strat sets and is sampled in 24 bit.
GtrFStratDistAmpBP 34 multi-samples This is one fantastic heavy lead guitar soundset. It is the same guitar as the clean Strat but with a biting amp and distortion blended sound. A few presets that use this soundset in the ManyStation control the vibrato with the modulation wheel and add feedback which leads to very realistic screaming guitar tracks. You can add further FX via the ManyStation's built in effects rack.
GtrFStratPwrChrdBP 20 multi-samples Great for when you need some smooth power chords in your track. Recorded once again in 24 bit. This set also captures the amp and distortion sound.
GtrStringNoiseElec 14 multi-samples Once again the string and slide noise from the clean Strats in their own soundset so you can use them for effect, or with other guitar sets that may not have this added realism.

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MT guitars - synth

CSGuitar 9 multi-samples A nice plucked string chorus synth type guitar sound. These guitar synth sets are great on their own or layered with some of the other guitars for those "new world guitar" sounds.
MTDistSynGtr 9 multi-samples A distorted and dirty style guitar synth soundset.
MTPluck01 11 multi-samples Another nice clean plucked guitar type sound. Great on its own or for layering.

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MT instruments

The cello series of sounds included with the ManyStation are a brand new set of samples that come to us from Claire Fitch ( Claire has spent 10 years as a cellist in the National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland and has studied at the Royal Academy of Music.

Claire recorded these new sets specifically for Manytone Music and the ManyStation. Manytone extensively edited the sounds and prepared them in ManyStation format. A big thanks to Claire from us here at Manytone. These are some great cello samples!! They can be heard in some of the demo songs on the Manytone website.

Cello Forte 24 multi-samples This first set of Fitch samples is Forte style. It has a semi fast attack.
Cello Long 24 multi-samples This cello set has a nice long slow attack style of playing. You can also hear the rosin and the bow in parts, which adds to the realism.
Cello Pizzicato 24 multi-samples Beautiful Pizzicato cello samples. Try this set on its own or layer it with some synth or other real sounds. This set sounds lovely.
Cello Staccato 24 multi-samples This set features fast attack staccato samples. A little tip is to blend and layer these different styles of playing in a track to achieve a more realistic performance. Now we can all sound like our favorite Irish cellist, the wonderful Claire Fitch.
CelticBabyHarp 12 multi-samples A sweet sounding baby harp. You can also hear this in some of the demo songs on the website. Once again in 24 bit.
FluteRecorder 9 multi-samples Some nice looped samples of a real flute recorder. This set sounds sweet on its own or layered with pads or other sounds. Also sampled in 24 bit.
NiksAltoSax 7 multi-samples This is a small alto sax set that really adds life to some of the synth and brass style lead presets included in the ManyStation. Sampled from a Yamaha Alto Sax in 24 bit.

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MT synth - bass

AnaBass01 1 sample

This group of synth bass sounds has sonic characteristics of the vintage synths described in the name of the set.

Although we may call these "bass" sounds, some of these sets can also be used for leads and other styles. Some of the sets are looped, while others are quick and punchy electronic basses.

All of these sets use high quality, noise free samples that will provide excellent source material for electronic bass and synth tracks.

Some of the sets were produced here at Manytone while others come from our producer friend David Goodwin who produces some of the best electronic music we have ever heard. Dave has also done a preset bank that is included with ManyStation which further shows his talents and dedication to hard punchy electronic music.

DigBass01 4 multi-samples
DigBass02 4 multi-samples
EasyBass 25 multi-samples
JuneBass01 5 multi-samples
JuneBass02 6 multi-samples
JuneBass03 6 multi-samples
JuneBass04 6 multi-samples
MoogBass01 13 multi-samples
MoogBass02 9 multi-samples
MoogBass03 9 multi-samples
MoogBass04 9 multi-samples
MoogBass05 9 multi-samples
MoogBass06 13 multi-samples
MoogBass07 13 multi-samples
MSBass01 17 multi-samples
MsBass02 17 multi-samples
OddBass 17 multi-samples
OSCBass 17 multi-samples
PGBass01 17 multi-samples
PGBass02 17 multi-samples
PolyBass01 17 multi-samples

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MT synth - FX

FXBounce 1 sample This grouping contains mostly single sample FX style sounds that are particularly useful for layering under pads or for morphing into other ambient sources. These sounds were produced by Manytone specifically for the ManyStation.

We think you'll find these FX to be a little different from the standard synth FX that you may be used to.

FxDig001 1 sample
FXDigitalJungle 1 sample
FXGhostTactics 1 sample
FXMorphMachine 1 sample
FXMorphVoicer 1 sample
FXPadLowNote01 1 sample
FXPadLowNote02 1 sample
FXPadNewWorld 1 sample
FXTimeWaits01 1 sample
FXTimeWaits02 1 sample
FXWindChime 5 sample
FXWindyRadioWavz 1 sample
FXWindySynDay 1 sample

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MT synth - keys - lead

AnaloguePizz 11 multi-samples

This grouping contains a great selection of synth keyboard and lead style sounds.

Most were produced here at Manytone Music, with a few sets provided from David Goodwin once again.

These sets are fantastic synth sounds where extreme care was taken with the editing to capture the sound detail. We ensured that the longest, smoothest loop points were used.

The soundsets have the characteristics of the vintage synths or sound described in the name of the set.

We know you will find some musical inspiration from these sets and the presets that use them. The raw soundsets listed here are only the beginning, as the ManyStation turns these into hundreds of useful presets.

ARP01 6 multi-samples
ARP02 13 multi-samples
ARP03 6 multi-samples
ARP04 5 multi-samples
ARP05 6 multi-samples
ArpSquare01 4 multi-samples
ArpSquare02 4 multi-samples
Chimes 8 multi-samples
DirtyWurlyP 8 multi-samples
EPiano 9 multi-samples
FlutePhysical 6 multi-samples
FM Vibes 11 multi-samples
JuneSynth01 4 multi-samples
JuneSynth02 6 multi-samples
JuneSynth03 6 multi-samples
JuneSynth04 6 multi-samples
JuneSynth05 5 multi-samples
JuneSynth06 6 multi-samples
LennysPiano 7 multi-samples
Tek 7 multi-samples
Theremin 9 multi-samples

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MT synth - pads - strings

ArcticPad 8 multi-samples

This pads and strings soundset group contains an assortment of long looped multi-sampled ambient type sounds. We have taken extreme care to ensure smooth loop points and long usable samples.

Further manipulation of these soundsets in the ManyStation will bring hundreds of new sounds to your palette. You can layer the sounds, shape them with the filters, LFOs and FX. The ManyStation is a monster when it comes to pads and ambient type sounds.

With this group you will be lost in a synthetic heaven once you start playing some of the hundreds of included presets that are based on these soundsets. The ManyStation is truly a synth that is designed to be played, so hook up your keyboard or controller and groove away. Inspiration will flow from nearly every preset.

PadDig001 3 multi-samples
PadDig002 3 multi-samples
PadDig003 2 multi-samples
PadMover 4 multi-samples
PadSmooth 7 multi-samples
PadSpaceDock 5 multi-samples
PadVoicer 1 sample
PadVox01 5 multi-samples
Strings01 7 multi-samples
StringsBowed 10 multi-samples
StringsPad01 5 multi-samples
StringSynth01 2 multi-samples
VoxFemaleFX01 1 sample

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MT vol1 HW classics

BassLead 11 multi-samples

The intention behind the Classic Hardware Volumes is to bring some vintage and classic synth sounds into the ManyStation, taking advantage of the highest quality sampling and editing techniques possible.

This grouping contains a mixture of sounds that were all sampled from hardware synthesizers in 24 bit.

Manytone has gone to extreme lengths to be sure all the sounds were edited and looped (where needed) with attention to detail. Say goodbye to your old noisy samples and get your classic hardware collection started today.

From bass and leads to classic keyboard and synth style sounds, we have ensured the samples are right and the soundsets have all been created specifically for the ManyStation. The fun begins when you load them into the ManyStation and start adding your own filters and FX and create new tones that are based on these classic sounds.

We have included hundreds of presets that use these soundsets and the ManyStation takes them to new levels where even the original hardware couldn't go.

Manytone will also be releasing more volumes in this series that will feature different classic vintage synths. They will be available as inexpensive add-ons for your soundset collection and all the volumes will also include new preset banks. This is the first in the series: "Vol1 - Hardware Classics" and it is included for free with your ManyStation purchase.

BassOctaveRick 12 multi-samples
BassStandup 12 multi-samples
BassWound 12 multi-samples
Brass 11 multi-samples
CelestialPad 6 multi-samples
Clavi 12 multi-samples
ClaviFat 6 multi-samples
ClavOrgan 6 multi-samples
EPiano1 40 multi-samples
EPiano2 33 multi-samples
EPiano3 36 multi-samples
Genevieve 5 multi-samples
Horns 5 multi-samples
Jet 4 multi-samples
LeadLine 7 multi-samples
LiteWaves 5 multi-samples
LogDrum 14 multi-samples
Marimba 12 multi-samples
OrganDrawBars 5 multi-samples
OrganPerc 9 multi-samples
OrganPipes 5 multi-samples
OrganRockPipes 5 multi-samples
Saxes 6 multi-samples
SoloMays 6 multi-samples
SpaceTones 6 multi-samples
Strings 7 multi-samples
StringsSweet 5 multi-samples
ToyPiano 13 multi-samples
TubularBells 5 multi-samples
Vibes 57 multi-samples

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