ManyGuitar ManyGuitar is a guitar and bass sample based synthesizer with over 1.2 gig of 24 bit samples.

The ManyGuitar sound library includes a wide range of guitars and basses. Each instrument has been extensively multi sampled, often at several velocities and with a mute layer included. In addition to the single note samples, there are some chord sets and also some great new lead guitar styles. Click here for a full listing of the soundsets.

This extensive sound library has then been coupled with a highly efficient sample playback engine with a custom amplifier and speaker cabinet emulator and an FX rack. Click here to read more about the amp, speakers and FX.

For the musician, the detailed guitar library coupled with the high quality but CPU friendly engine which has been specifically designed for processing guitar samples makes ManyGuitar a very unique instrument.

ManyGuitar Purchase

ManyGuitar is available now in PC VSTi format and Mac AU and VSTi formats (Universal Binary) for $99.99 (On sale now for $79.95).

The links to download the product will be sent by email within 24 hours of placing your order.

Click here to purchase ManyGuitar for $79.95

ManyGuitar crossgrade - For Previous ManyTone Customers

The link below is to order ManyGuitar at the reduced price of $69.95. (For owners of any of our other products, we are offering this special crossgrade price. You just need to own one of our products to use this link.) The links to download the product will be sent by email within 24 hours of placing your order.

Click here to purchase ManyGuitar (crossgrade)

The amp, speakers and FX

The ManyGuitar engine has a custom amplifier and speaker cabinet emulator and an FX rack designed exclusively for ManyGuitar. This set up allows the musician to take the Manytone guitar and bass samples to new levels of reality.

The amplifier has three modes

The amp also has a four band EQ unit.

The speaker cabinet emulator gives eight speaker options (in addition to bypass):

The FX rack gives six FX units:

There is also an FX wizard to help quickly set up your FX settings.

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So how are ManyGuitar and ManyStation different? Do I need both?

Let's answer the second question first. Yes - you should have both, since they do different things.

ManyGuitar is intended to create guitar and bass sounds. It can load other soundsets and create interesting and compelling sounds, but its forte is guitar sounds. ManyStation on the other hand is a sample based synthesizer which is capable of creating far more complex sounds than ManyGuitar. You can create many of the ManyGuitar sounds in ManyStation, but on the whole, you are likely to find:

On the other hand, ManyStation is great for layering up sounds and wave-sequencing etc. The two products are different, so you really owe it to yourself to own both!!

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Its all about the tone

Here are a few audio clips to give you an idea of the sort of sounds you can expect from ManyGuitar. These were all made using ManyGuitar: there has been no external processing (except a touch of compression/limiting).

ManyGuitar - a mix of some ideas

ManyGuitar - Tele picking

ManyGuitar - funky tone

ManyGuitar - also available in blue

And two examples of ManyGuitar used in a track

Strat strumming

12 string strumming

Jazz chords

54 shred jam This track uses ManyGuitar and JamStix only.

Funkay Funkaaaay

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ManyGuitar soundsets

In designing ManyGuitar the focus has been on detailed and highly playable sounds - this is the same for all Manytone instruments. Some of the soundsets include over 70 multi-samples for stunning levels of detail, with special layers (such as slides, string noise and guitar palm mutes).

ManyGuitar will also load soundsets in both Wusik wusikSND and Dash Signature dashSND format. This means that as well as the libraries that are already available for WusikStation from Wusik and EVE from Dash Signature, all of the existing ManyStation soundsets (including all the add-ons for ManyStation such as Ultimate Bass Kit) can be loaded into ManyGuitar to take advantage of the amplifier/cabinet treatments as well as the well stocked FX rack. Of course, the ManyGuitar soundsets can be loaded into ManyStation.

Click here to read more about the soundsets.

As well as the soundsets, there are many patches produced by professional sound designers, including Tim Conrardy, ToTc productions, Greg Schlaepfer, rsmus7, Manytone, and others.

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What are the minimum specifications for my computer?

You can run ManyGuitar on lower specified machines, however, we recommend as a minimum:

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