Frequently asked questions

Order Process

I just ordered a product. When do I get my download link?

Orders are processed manually so for that reason it could take up to 24 hours to receive your download link. However, we usually check our mail multiple times in a day and so thereby your links generally come as soon as minutes or within a few hours at worst. (for example, if we are sleeping at the time the order was placed it could take a little longer. We are located in Mountain time Canada).

On our order pages there is a question that asks what platform you want your product in. A lot of folks forget to fill this box in. If you ordered a VSTi from us and forgot to fill in the box, please drop us a mail telling us if you want the Mac or the PC Windows version. If you ordered a sample pack from us, there was a question on the order form asking what format you want your samples in (Manytone, Kontakt, Soundfont etc.). If you forgot this, please drop us a mail to let us know. This will speed up the process.

If after 24 hours you have still not received your download, please contact us so we can look into the order.

NFR Copies

I received an NFR of a ManyTone Product. What does this mean?

Occasionally ManyTone will give out NFR copies of our products. NFR means "Not for Resale", so you may never sell the copy. We have 2 types of NFR licenses.

1 - An NFR  license for reviewers in Magazines.
We ask that we receive a preview of the review to fact check it before it gets released.

2 - An NFR  license for "Prizes" or other free copies that we may give out. 
Well we surely hope that most folks will appreciate a nice prize once and a while. We ask that if you win an NFR prize, or receive a free copy of our products by any other method, that if you have any support issues with install or any other problems, that you contact us direct via email to the address you received the NFR from, and that you do not post support issues on our forum. Also, if you don't like the prize you received or have an issue with it, that you please don't slander the product in a public fashion (forums etc). Basically if you don't like your NFR freebie "Prize".... simply toss it in your recycle bin. Hopefully not too many of you need to do that though ;-)